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This site has been created to distribute at no charge horn quartet, quintet and ensemble music.

The arrangements are neither long in duration nor particularly difficult to play. Many have the most light-hearted of musical objectives. The parts and scores come as .pdf files and individual parts are about 150k in size and so quite fast to download. Scores, being multi-page, are larger and will take longer.

It would be good to have a reaction from those who download from this new site, which went online for the first time on 15 January 2004.

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My feedback on

Thanks a lot for your effort and generosity!
All best,
Teunis van der Zwart.

Congratulations, great site, very easy to download, music very good!
Vitor Hugo Montagnolli - Brazil

I just wanted you to know how much the Baldwin County (Alabama USA) horn choir has enjoyed playing the arrangements you have provided. "Over the rainbow" awesome"! If you have any more arrangements (that you're selling even!), please let me know...i'd buy 'em in a heartbeat!! - Jennifer Jones

e-mail your comments here, as YOU are the 'beta-testers' - and thanks : good tooting!


last updated: 25 March 2017
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